Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Artist Statement

     As an artist, I attempt to keep my audience by taking the familiar and making it into something new. I want people to appreciate the space around them, even though they see it every day. It is importnat to appreciate every day, no matter how mundane. I take ordinary items and make them beautiful.
     In my scene assignment, my goal was to create the definition of light. And I feel I achieved this goal by using an inside scene and an outside scene and put them at odds with each other using light. I want people to know that there is a difference in light and that the sunlight can be beautiful. But so can inside light in some kind of way. It can be ugly, but it can help a person appreciate the sun, something that is natural and happens every day.
     I also want things to be almost like a point of view. I feel film is a window of a world, and the viewer is peering in. It is, therefore, essential for me to use handheld and focus. I want to invite the viewer into my world and make it real to them. I want them to experience the beauty of it as I do.
     The key to success is the viewer actually experiencing something with you, the director/cinematographer. They need to know how you feel, because this is essential to any art: the act of experiencing.

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