Monday, April 16, 2012

Elliott Sellers

     I recently have become obsessed with a certain Director of Photography, thanks to Jason Mraz's I Won't Give Up lyric video. Elliott Sellers is a master with experience in editing, sound mixing, directing, and of course DPing. His work takes my breath away when I watch it. It all starts with his colors.

     He uses muted colors in almost everything he does. I think muted colors brings more attention than something that is vibrant or even overly vibrant. Sellers does this in almost all of his work.

     Another element he always incorporates is a typewriter and an older male character with glasses. He seems to enjoy old world things, which match his love for muted colors.

    Sellers also enjoys to play with one of my favorite things: focus. He likes extreme close ups with extremely shallow depth of field. He makes things dramatic. Drama is what he goes for. He makes mundane items such as close pins, lightbulbs, typewriters into art. Manipulating the viewer to believe these items are more important than they actually are is what he tends to go for.

     He also likes smooth handheld. It seems he tries to go for a whimsy look. Another thing he does is use swinging motions to show things, which is something I enjoy. He takes a long  lens and uses his focus to pull items in and out. He also wracks manually.

    The way he films resembles that of old film, when it was actually on film. This is something that truly attracts my attention and seconds his love for old world items.

     I feel like he is a true treasure that I have found, and I love to watch his reel.

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