Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mood Board

I have decided (by the force of school) to create a mood board for future use. This is for referencing back to when I explain different colors. These are how I see these colors, and this is how I would think it looks if not otherwise told.

When I think orange, this is what I think. This scene is from Fantastic Mr. Fox. It is a burnt orange, and I love this certain shade of orange. It's something I would use often if it was not so overwhelming at times. It fills a person with comfort.

 This is my reference for black and whites. This is from Jay Z's video of "On To the Next One." In most of his videos, this one included, he has very hard blacks and whites. But they are clean cut, and what I like to call, shiny black and whites.

This is taken from Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People." If I think of green, I think it as something that is almost sick and sinister. It needs to be ugly and demonstrate the ugliness of the scene.

This scene was taken from Lars and the Real Girl. Although dark in this screenshot, this particular film I will use to reference for desaturation. There are no real colors in this scene, but then the colors that are there are not truly seen. They are taken away, and they are unnoticeable.

These scenes are from The Black Swan. I would use these to reference the saturation of color and the possible redirection of light. As you can see, her foot is lit up, while the rest of her is not. The colors are very deep and saturated as well.

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