Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where I Am Headed in Life

     When I was a kid, I saw my name in lights. The singer everyone would be talking about. I wanted to be a star, an opera singer. I had a fascination with the sound of the loud voices these sometimes small people possessed. 
      And then my views changed. I wanted to be a teacher. I would line my dolls up, keep a roster, correct them when they were wrong, have them take test, the whole thing. I knew what I wanted, and I practiced at it every day. 
     But then my ideas changed again. Film. I want to make movies. And so I would. My first short I ever created from start to finish was entitled Aliean Attacks! (alien spelt wrong and everything). It envolved crudely animated aliens creeping across the screen and freezing everyone they came into contact with. I still have the poster my friend and I made for the film. It hangs proudly on my wall along with my other prized posters. Whenever I see this poster, I remind myself that we all have to start somewhere.
     And where do I want to start when it comes to my future profession and my passion filmmaking? I want to inspire people. With a look, with a character's behavior, with a sound. I just want to tell stories, something that will immerse the audience and leave them with some kind of feeling, like shock or happiness or thoughtfulness. 
     The more work I do, the more I realize my style and what I want to convey to an audience. I have come to find that I enjoy exploring human vices and downfalls. Human nature is something that is extremely important for me to show to the audience. I want people to realize what they are doing in every action that they make. Again, this leads to inspiration of a person.
     With this examination of human nature in mind, it is my goal to learn as much as I can about exploring different techniques I can use with a camera and to learn more about lighting and how it affects a scene. Different ways to use the camera helps convey human nature so well, since the camera is the unseen eye watching. Lighting can make something look either totally ridiculous or true to how it would actually look. I want to be able to keep as true to a scene as I can while still showing a person's actions.
     Although Aliean Attacks! isn't something I would put on a reel to show to a potential employer, it does remind me that I have come a long way and have an even longer way to go. But I'll start somewhere by trusting in my stylistic abilities and abilities to learn.

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