Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Make a Pretty Picture

     Camera choices become harder with each passing day as technology advances. Right now, I'm struggling with the decision of whether to buy the T2i or spend more to get the T3i. Although these are both Canon DSLRs, both have different perks to them, T2i being its price tag.
     I would have to say that choosing a camera, though, has to do more with what meaning you are attempting to go for. I like grainy material, things that look like they've been shot with an old film camera. To get that now-a-days, I have to get something that has good gain on it. My first response to this would be the JVC HM100u. However, I despise this camera. It is almost too automatic for my tastes. Great for run-and-gun. Horrible for any narrative film. It does have a manual setting, but the picture quality is still "ugly," as I say. This is probably not a camera I will shoot with again.    
     If I needed something like the JVC HM100u, though, I would get the Sony HDV. It shoots beautifully yet still has close to the same settings as the JVC.  But my second personal favorite camera is the Sony EX3. I like to capture with tape. It's continuous and gives me the look that I want. Although the log and transfer is difficult, it still gives me the picture quality I look for when I'm shooting one of my "gritty" narrative films.
     But my first favorite camera is a DSLR, any of them. I like to work with focus and low lighting, so this is the perfect camera for me. I can pull beautiful focus on my subjects and get the nicest light at 7:30 PM when the sun is literally about to set. I enjoy playing around with this camera, because there is so much you can do. Match it with a Zeiss prime, and you have yourself one of the prettiest pictures.

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