Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shooting for the Scene Assignment

     When it came time for me to choose a camera for my scene assignment, it became extremely clear that I should use one of the DSLRs. I wanted to work with one of these cameras to learn how to use them and to see what capabilities they have. We chose to work with a T2i, since it is a little more lightweight and accessible. It could shoot what we needed, and it would do it with ease.
      Although the main goal for this project was to learn how to work with the camera and a director of photography, I wanted to convey so much more. I wanted to convey the meaning of light, which would be great for the T2i to handle, since it and the rest of the DSLRs can make even the smallest amount of light beautiful.

I had an inside scene and an outside scene. The inside scene needed to be vastly different from the inside scene. I wanted it to be ugly and gray. The DSLR can handle this type of manipulation with the correct light and ISO setting. The inside shows what light does not actually look like, because light is not gray and muted.
     I could also place things in the background and create a space without them being in total focus. If I had chosen the EX3 or JVC HM100u, I would have had problems with the incorrect things being in focus. I can crush it and make the subjects look cinematic.

 The above pictures are part of the inside scene, however, these so a distinct difference between the two. We shot at around 4 or 5 for these two shots. The DSLR handles the orange light beautifully. The best part is it picks up the light on the side of her face and on her hair. Colors are now vibrant with the amount of light the iris can take in.

     The best part of a T2i?
     I can shoot late, around six or seven, and have shots like this one, with all the color, all the light. The camera can manipulate it and make everything so beautiful.

     I can continue on about why the T2i was the right choice for my project, but I feel I need to touch on the EX3, my second favorite camera. Why is it one of my favorite cameras? It shoots on tape, which means it can shoot for a long period of time with physical evidence that cannot necessarily be deleted. It can also shoot a lot longer than the T2i, since the DSLRs heat up much faster than the rest of the cameras. The EX3 also delivers a somewhat gritty picture that I go for in some of my work. It's great for run-and-guns as well. However, the T2i would win out over the EX3 for me almost any day.

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